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12 figures. Ancient warriors

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Weight: 5 Kg

Collection of 12 vintage pewter figures. France, mid-20th century. Eleven figures manufactured by DeA and one WAW figure

1. Grenabler, WAW № 33301

2. Sweeden Cuirassuer (figurant of early 17th century)

3. Viking Chieitain (figurant of late 10th century)

4. Gallic Warrior, (Celtic, figurant of 3rd century BC)

5. Simone Boccanegra (figurant of mid-14th century, Italy)

6.Swiss Halberdier (figurant mid-15th century)

7. Saxon Warrior - Britannic (figurant of 5-6th century)

8.William The Conqueror (early 17th century figurant)

9. Phillip The Good - Burgundian (figurant since 1066)

10. Paladin of The Charlemagne`s court (figurant of early 1st century)

11. Knight of The Angevin - Naples (figurant of 14th century)

12. Richard1 of England. The Lion Heart (late 12th century figurant)

In general, the collection is in very good condition, but some of the figures are in need of minor repairs, gluing or welding. All parts are included

Height (cm): 12 cm -15 см
Material: Heavy steel
Trademark: DeA, WAW
Date of manufacture: Mid-XX
Usage: Collection. Home decoration
Weight range for delivery (kg): 5.0 - 6.0

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