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Our novelty on summer 2019 -  "Silent Auction"!

Every Wednesday at 21.00 we hold a "silent" auction. One or two items from the collection of the store are exhibited on it. During the week you make bets. The winning participant receives LOT with a FREE delivery from France

How is the "Silent Auction" conducted?

To participate an auction you must be registered on our website. Along with that, you will get your identification number of the participant ( IN )

In your Application you have to specifies the maximum amount that you agree to pay for the Exhibited Lot

Every morning during the week you can track flow of prices for Lot in "silent" auction. On this page, data will be entered with the highest bid price at the end of day (Bet) and participant IN

On Wednesday, at 20:30 the auction will be closed. The page specifies the winner's IN and amount need to be paid. Simultaneously, the winning participant receives an electronic confirmation and invoice. You have 24 hours to pay

An example table that you will see on our page. We fill it daily during the week: Lot 1

22 September,              Atlantik         Bet - $23
23 September,               IN - 1234      Bet - $40
24 September,               IN - 4567      Bet - $42
and so on

Additional information:

- If you want to win the submitted Lot - increase the price of Bit during the week until 20:30 Wednesday
- You will pay only the amount of Bet. We pay for shipping!
- In case of non-payment within 24 hours, the Lot is transferred to the next participant who submitted the application with a lower "Bet"
- In case of an equal amount of Bet of two or more participants, winner will be participant who sent the application before the others wins