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About company

Irina Lacombe

Welcome to “ATLANTIK”. Bonjour from Atlantic coast of France!

My name is Irina (Irina Lacombe). I'm the founder and "driving force" of company

The idea of creating ATLANTIK has been growing for years. My passion for French culture began many years ago, from simply collecting pleasant French “pretty things” for everyday life, to consciously collecting “masterpieces” of beloved artists, producers and trademarks

Our company is unique. We are directly working with antique shops and on auctions, happy to “catch” some nice things on "brocante" or “flee markets”
All our goods are "sustained" in time. From antiques of XVIII century to vintage "sweet things" of the XX. Although most of our goods are "born" in France, we cannot resist of temptation to keep interesting lots from other countries in Europe and Asia

We live on the ocean! We love fishing, scuba diving, we do sailing and motorboating, or just resting on ocean. Our passion to water was reflected in the subjects of our personal collecting – maritime objects! That is the reason why you wouldn’t find those items in our shop. Everything settles in the home collection!

But!!! If you are also passionate lovers of the Seas and Oceans objects - let's be friends! We are happy to present your interests on auction or we will make focused research art objects your interest

We will be very happy if you find in our store something interesting for you or our loved ones

Bienvenue to “ATLANTIK”!