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Representation at auction house

Our company providing unique service – representation of your interest at auction houses. We did not find analogues of this kind of service in France. In our opinion, it would be interesting to a certain circle of buyers, such as professional art dealers, connoisseurs of French antiques or its passionate lovers

We have an opportunity to present your interests at auctions in France, which are held in nearby auction centers. These are some of the towns:

  • La Rochelle
  • Rochefort
  • Bordeaux
  • Nantes, Poiteres and other towns, aprox. 2 hours driving distance 

Terms of Services

Our company periodically exposes a link to upcoming auction. For example,

  • You choose “Lot” you like
  • you register (if you are not our buyer, yet)
  • you tell us about your intentions (lot number and maximum price you can pay)
  • we participate in "live" auction and buy your Lot for you, if the sale price does not exceed the specified price
  • we issue invoice for payment
  • you pay by PayPal
  • we arrange delivery

Estimated cost of the exposed Lot

There are some nuances about procedure of “life” auction and cost of exhibited lots

Often, to our regret, the estimated value of exhibited lots is much higher, then indicated on the website. In some cases, we can predict market value, but very often the auction price "gets out of hand." Therefore, wishing to purchase Lot, we advise you to decide yourself the highest price that you want to pay (in addition, taking into consideration all intermediary and transport services)

Invoice for the purchased Lot

This account summarizes:

  • direct value of Lot at auction (invoice from auction house)
  • added value of auction house (from 22 to 25%)
  • payment for our services. Our intermediary services cost 20-25% of purchase price of the Lot. 25% of Lot value up to 500 euros and 20% above 500 euros
    delivery (payment to the carrier)

Based on our experience, the purchase of items that you liked at the auction (of course, with our preview for integrity and authentic) is often much more profitable than in online store. Even in case of additional almost 50% surcharge for our intermediation

We are at your service!