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Сhristofle. Teapot "ArtDeco"

Code: 17125

Elegant teapot in Art Deco style, creation of well-known French jewellery house "Christofle"

Silvered case of kettle is beautifully combined with wooden handle and stylish detail on the lid of teapot. Exceptionally good condition

According to the marks and stamps of manufacturer, the product was made in 30-40th years of last century

Charles Christofle was French industrialist of 19th century, the owner of large jewellery factory near Paris. He was the first person, who was widely used galvanoplastic method of gilding and silvering of jewellery products, patented in 1841 by Ruolz. The percentage of content of valuable metal (silver or gold) is indicated on stamp on each product. Because of this method each and every piece with Christofle brand name pleased us still now, not only with their unique design, but also good quality of preservation

Antique time is frozen in silver. We are sure that this unique piece will please not only you, also the next generations of your ancestors

Lenght (cm): 21 см
Height (cm): 16 см
Diameter (cm): 11.5 см
Material: Silvering
Trademark: Christofle
Date of manufacture: 30-40-ХХ
Usage: collection-decor
Weight range for delivery (kg): 1.0 - 2.0

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