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Set of five plates "Dragon and Phoenix". China

Code: 22007
Price: 84.00 €
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Weight: 1.6 Kg

Five antique porcelain plates. Made in China, late 19th century

Three plates diameter of 20 cm and two, deeper, 22 cm

Beautiful plates painted in scene of phoenix and dragon. On the back side there is handwritten stamp, presumbley Qianlong symbol, Late Qing/Republic

Symbolic drawing depicting dragon and phoenix bird, two very important characters of Chinese mythology

Since the dragon and the phoenix usually serve as auspicious symbols, any reported sightings of a dragon or phoenix were considered extremely auspicious, heralding a glorious period of peace and prosperity for the people and the country. This is reflected in the Chinese saying: "When the dragon soars and the phoenix dances, the people will enjoy happiness for years, bringing peace and tranquility to all under heaven."

Besides, since both figures possess a reserved yet elusive spirit, capable of freely transcending the boundaries of heaven and earth, they were often referred to as metaphors in ancient China for gentleman and sages.

Diameter (cm): 20 см - 22 см
Material: porcelain
Trademark: trademark-unknown
Date of manufacture: XIX
Condition : good, some touches
Usage: collection-decor
Weight range for delivery (kg): 1.0 - 2.0

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