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Set of 6 tin containers "Regin"

Code: 18160
Price: 30.00 €
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Weight: 2 Kg

Collection of six tin containers, France 19th century

Set of containers for measuring volume of liquids. Such items in the past were not only subject of decor, but also widely used in household. Tinware produced in previous centuries guarantees presence of at least 85% tin (for your information there is no 100% tin product)
Dimensions and volumes of containers (engraving on metal)

1. Litre (Litre) 18.5 cm height - 8.5 cm diameter

2. 200 ml (Doble Decilitre) 11 cm height - 5 cm diameter

3. 100 ml (Decilitre) 9 cm height - 4 cm diameter

4. 50 ml (Demi decilitre) 7 cm height - 3 cm diameter

5. 20 ml (Doble centilitre) 5.2 cm height - 2.2 cm diameter

6. 10 ml (Centilitre) 4.2 cm height - 1.2 cm diameter

Stamp/mark of manufacturer engraved on bottom of each item "R.G." in the triangle

Condition and quality of our set is impeccable. Original set for decorating your home interior

Height (cm): 18.5 см,11 см, 9 см,7 см,5.2 см, 4.2 см
Diameter (cm): 8.5 см, 5 см,4 см,3 см, 2.2 см, 1.2 см
Material: Tin
Date of manufacture: XIX
Condition : good, some touches
Usage: collection-decor
Weight range for delivery (kg): 2.0 - 3.0

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