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Antique Chain bags "Lovely things"

Code: 17135
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Weight: 0.4 Kg

Two antique ladies mesh chatelaine purse, made of continental silver, 19th century France

Amazing decor frame in Art Nouveau style

One purse, large size, is almost in perfect condition, only one ball lost. There are three compartments inside, inner compartment closes completely with separate rim. Two marks of jewellery manufacture, unfortunately, with unreadable image

Second purse, smaller, has flaw - one clip on latch and several connecting rings are lost. There are two compartments inside
We can`t determine with certainty metal from which objects are made. Presumably, it is Alpacca, white alloy containing 60% copper, 20% nickel, 20% zinc, and 5% tin. White colour and durability makes it excellent basis for silvering, its main use

Alpacca was invented in Germany in 19th century by chemists Henninger and Geithner. Therefore, it is often called German, nickel or continental silver

Both subjects are collectibles, although women of fashion can use them as a fashion accessory

Size (in text): 8 х 5.5 см и 7 х 5 см
Material: metals and alloys
Trademark: trademark-unknown
Date of manufacture: XIX
Condition : Good-look-discription
Usage: Collection. Home decoration
Weight range for delivery (kg): 0.5 - 1

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