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Ceramics "Vallauris", French Majolica

Region Vallauris and its surroundings located in south-east of France, in Provence department. Historically, it was pottery region due to peculiarities of local clay, ceramics flourished there since ancient times. The region became the most famous at the end of XIX century, largely due to world-famous masters of porcelain and faience as Massier and Foucard-Jourdan

Vallauris, coastal town, received its second breath in the middle of 20 century, when in 1940s Picasso created workshop, which was later joined by other avant-garde artists of that time. New artistic style was born

According to method of manufacture, Vallauris ceramics are better name majolica, French majolica. But no matter how you call these products, you can easily recognize them by the absolutely unique combinations of colours, glossiness and unusual shapes. Items can be any - vases, trays, ashtrays, shapes, kitchen pots and plates of all shapes and sizes

The combination of colours also varies, but there is always warm chocolate icing. The brown glaze often covered with red, green, gold and gray
If you have opportunity to visit this beautiful Mediterranean town of Vallauris, you should definitely visit the “Kitsch” museum, where you can find amazing exhibits of pottery from the middle of the 20th century